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Need to earn $50, but not sure how?  Read these tips and find out!

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If you're like me, there's always that extra bill looming over you like a dark cloud.  The reality is, sometimes we just need an extra $50 here or there.  Sometimes we can get it really simple.  Sometimes, it requires some work on our parts.  The reality is I'm going to show you these sure fire ways to get an extra $50 in your pocket today!
There's always one major concern for every single parent, and it comes down to how are you going to provide for your family?  Sometimes, it's okay to say "yes."  Say "yes" to family time, kid time, family night, story time with your kids, and all the memories you want!  But it's okay to say "no" from time to time such as "no" t.v., candy or sweets, dangerous activities, things that are harmful to your kids and family time. 

But it's hard saying no every single time to that fun treat or toy or something you really want for your kids.  But saying yes every time really will kill your monthly budget.  And most of the time, it has nothing to do with the kids at all!  You or your spouse became sick and went to the doctor.  Now you have a new bill.  Or you hit that light pole backing out of the parking space, and you need a new fender.  Dog or cat broke their leg, so they need to go to the vet.  And the list goes on and on.  

So how do we go about getting an extra $50 a day?  Have no fear, Just Add That's here!  We've been in these tight spots before like the time we needed an extra $50 because our electric bill was more than we had budgeted for that month.  It happens in extreme hot or cold months, but the point is we get it!  Life happens, and we know we have to roll with the punches!  

Get A Part Time Job
You're probably already working a full time job, and this isn't for everyone.  But having a part time job no matter how small can really be a great benefit.  I work at a small grocery store called Price Less IGA.  I'm a full time stay at home mom, and I only work on the weekend, specifically Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The point is, I make on average about $50 a day that I work.  It isn't much, but it's simple, mindless work that pays the bills and helps me socialize with others in our small community.  And that's my favorite part is socializing with others.  My second favorite part?  It's definitely the $50.


This kinda goes along with getting a part time job, and it isn't for the faint of heart.  I worked several little small jobs one summer including house cleaning.  You buy necessary cleaning supplies or have your customer to buy supplies, and get to work!  Some people are harder to work for than others.  Depending on the customer, if you do great work, they'll give you a tip, and tips add up!  The average going cost is usually $10 per hour (you can charge more if the house is much bigger) for a standard 1200-3000 square foot home. Clean for 5 hours, and voila!  You've just pocketed $50!  Yes please!  

Paint Rental Property

The going rate for household painters is really high.  Most professional painters charge anywhere from $15 per hour to $100 per hour, and some go for even higher than that!  You, being an amateur, who's willing to help a poor land lord or lady out in a pinch can easily charge $10 per hour or $50 for the job depending on which pays better.  They're happy to get it flipped quicker on certain properties that aren't as high end as the other properties, and every house sitting empty is a dollar lost! 

Baby Sitting

I am not even going to lie to you.  I really hate babysitting other people's kids.  Do I mind watching my kids play with friends for a bit?  No.  But I hate watching people's kids for money and as a job. Most parents pay no problem.  But you'll often run into the, "Well, I don't have any money line" or "Things are tight."  Well, it is for us which is why I agreed to babysit your kids for you.  But I digress.

When parents pay like they're supposed to, it's a great thing.  I usually charge anywhere from $5-$6 per hour or I charge $50 for the evening (like date night or something). On a 10 hour day or a quick date night, this can add up fast to get that $50 you're looking to gain.  Just be sure to find parents that will actually pay you like they're supposed to anyway.

Elderly Sitting

Elderly sitting is not for the faint of heart, and it's really a lot of work.  But you'll find people taking care of parents, grandparents, and other elderly people including neighbors, friends and extended family.  The reality is sometimes, they just need someone to stay with their loved one while they go to the store or run errands or just take a much needed moment off to do what they need or want to do. And elderly care can be extremely rewarding!  Sometimes, they'll tell you stories that are fun and fascinating.  Sometimes, they just want a friend to talk to or enjoy a piece of cake or candy.  


Back to the money part.  Elderly care isn't cheap, and most sitters charge $15-$30 an hour for professional care.  But you can charge $10 per hour or $50 per job depending to help someone out for just a few hours so they can leave the house to do their business.  And you helped out a wonderful elderly man or woman, and maybe made a new friend, too, all while getting paid!

Sell Stuff On eBay

I have sold stuff on eBay and I'll tell you, it isn't easy.  Some stuff will go fast and pretty cheap while others will sit there for weeks and months.  It's easy to find stuff to sell, but it's hard to know your market unless you do this everyday.  I'm terrible at using eBay, but there are bloggers out there that make a killing on eBay.  I'm slightly envious how they've even made a profit telling others how they did it, but honestly I think it's fantastic considering this blogger's circumstances.

 Have A Sale

Yard sale, garage sale, flea market, classifieds.  These are all fantastic ways to sell something, and it can lead you to a fantastic $50.  This book tells you everything you ever wanted to know on selling on Craigslist.  I, personally, have had better luck with yard sales.  Sometimes, we just get a bunch of junk, and with the right kind of advertising like Facebook or the local paper, you can have your excess stuff gone and $50 pocketed easily. 

But you do have to watch for your local city laws.  Some areas require permits or limit you to how many sales you have a year.  To find out, contact your local city hall, and they'll tell you everything you need to know.  


This one may sound a bit far fetched, but I have done it before.  When my husband and I first got married, money was so tight, we didn't know which way to turn.  So I would walk to collect cans and small appliances.  My husband would drive around if I had found a large appliance like a refrigerator, freezer or vacuum someone had thrown away, and we'd load our truck.  Many times, our cans only brought about $10-$11.  But with larger appliances, we'd easily bring in $50 sometimes more.  It may sound like hard work, but we paid many a water or electric bill like this in our day.  

Become A Part Time Handy - Person

This is kinda phrased weird, but I'm not a man so handy man doesn't really cut it for me.  But there have been times my aunt or a friend has needed an extra hand fixing a door handle or cleaning out the flower beds.  I even built this make shift patio out of concrete pavers and painted the bird bath and flower pots.  I sealed the porch tiles and even raked the gravel and trimmed trees and planted flowers, bushes and bulbs and seeds.  All for $10 an hour or $50 per job since many professionals want to do it for so much more.  Their work is probably better.  But not everyone can afford professional every time.

Become A Blogging Parent!

Blogging is lots and lots of hard work, and it isn't for everyone.  But if you like telling stories about your kids or know something that could help someone else out as they become new parents, then Parent Blogging is for you!  My recommendation on where to start is to try Start A Mom Blog and purchase this ebook!  There's every step to becoming a blogger and answers all your most basic questions and concerns.  

Like I said, it's hard work, but blogging can be lots of fun!  Plus, the best part of blogging is it's around your schedule and the kids!  You can work as much on it or as little as you want.  The more you work though, the more success.  The least you do, well, the longer it takes.  You get the idea.

You'll definitely need to build a website, so I recommend going with BlueHost.  This is actually who I run my blog with, and I think it's the most professional looking of all the web hosts out there!  They  have great customer service, and they're available 24 hours a day, which means a lot to a blogger who may be blogging at all hours at some points and needs help with website maintenance. 

So there you have it.  10 ways to earn $50.  Some are easy, others are hard.  But with these 10 jobs, you should be able to pocket $50 easily.  So let's get out there, fix those sucky yards, sell that junk and write all about how we made that $50! 


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