Secret To Keeping Your Tools Looking Brand New!

Nothing is more frustrating than the handle breaking or the metal rusting and warping.  Not to fear!  Aunt Winnie has yet another solution to help you keep your garden tools looking like brand new!
We were working in her yard last Saturday filling holes in her yard where over the years, she had erosion.  But she didn't buy topsoil or have the local hardware store or landscape dealer bring her any dirt.  She used what was already in her yard!  She had a hump, as she called it, on a certain spot of her yard and she had me to dig and chop it up with her shovel, spay and hoe.  Man, it was hard work, but so worth the workout!

Next, of course, I filled her holes.  And as you can see, erosion had done a number on her yard.

After a hard days work, it was time to clean up our tools.  To cut back on waste on paper towels, Aunt Winnie used left over newspaper ads.  Since this job was done on a Saturday, the new circulars were starting the following day in our area.  This is a step by step guide on how to clean your tools verses how Aunt Winnie cleans her tools.

Step 1:  You will need 1 full sheet of ad paper crumpled up into a ball.

Step 2:  Use a small amount of water to rinse over the tools to soften any dirt that may have dried.  My aunt stores water in her house for the winter in case of an emergency so she has drinking and washing water.  Every summer, she uses the water in her yard and garden and cleans the jugs for the next winter.  Today, this is what we used.  Hold it over a plant for even more efficiency!  She wanted me to clean this over her fern.

Step 3:  Scrub the tools with your paper ball until there is no dirt remaining.  By the way, this hoe is an antique.  It's at least 50 years old, maybe older.  The shovel isn't too far from that.  The garden spay?  Less than 10 years old.  And they look fantastic!

Step 4:  Let the tools air dry for about 30 minutes  After completely drying, then you add the secret ingredient: baby oil!  Her baby oil is about 10 years old.  She says that it doesn't really expire to use it the way she does.  She said that farmers (her personal family) oil their plows and farming equipment to cut back on rusting.  Since she grew up on a farm, she applied the same method to all of her tools as well.  Makes sense to me!

And that's it!  Look at those tools how they shine!  Who knew a little baby oil could do so much to keep your tools shiny and new?  Maybe this isn't news to you, but I think it's pretty clever.  I am wondering what else I need to clean with leftover baby oil I have sitting here.  Until next time, keep your tools sharp and shiny!


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