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Secret To Keeping Your Tools Looking Brand New!

Nothing is more frustrating than the handle breaking or the metal rusting and warping.  Not to fear!  Aunt Winnie has yet another solution to help you keep your garden tools looking like brand new!
We were working in her yard last Saturday filling holes in her yard where over the years, she had erosion.  But she didn't buy topsoil or have the local hardware store or landscape dealer bring her any dirt.  She used what was already in her yard!  She had a hump, as she called it, on a certain spot of her yard and she had me to dig and chop it up with her shovel, spay and hoe.  Man, it was hard work, but so worth the workout!

Next, of course, I filled her holes.  And as you can see, erosion had done a number on her yard.

So this took a few hours and a whole lot of sweat.  But in the end, I think it turned out well.  We're going to seed it and add straw soon to encourage the grass to grow again.

After a hard days work, it was time to clean up our tools.  To cut back on waste on pape…