The Verdict Is In On The Mom War

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To Be or Not To Be Stay-At-Home Mom War

In today's world there are so many job opportunities, so many jobs died and some were born in this past decade. The one job that lived is Stay-At-Home moms. There are so many moms shaming going on the internet and in the real world as well. Today, this article is basically focused on what you might be overlooking while being a working or stay-at-home mother.

All Mother’s Work

Looking at this title, some working moms might have been thinking, how stay-at-home moms are having more work than working mommies.

In reality the truth is, any work you put your soul and time in, are considered work, unless and until you're not talking about the definition of work in physics. Working moms, wake up early and rush to bathrooms, to get ready and reach their offices at the time. They have to go through the rush and stress of being punctual and taking care of their kids at the same time. Working from 9 to 6 can be bone wrecking. Talk about stress, having to listen to the boss jumping down on their throats. The day passes by, only to see their child asleep when they reach home.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? Stay-at-home wakes up before sunrise, to get their child all dressed up, making breakfast, packing lunch for their hubbies and babies. The level of patience is damn high, not blinking an eyelash so that their kids will reach school on time. The works were done it seems, but wait! Who got to clean the house? Who has to do the dishes? With all this stuff to be done, how can one sit on the couch and enjoy her coffee?
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Sacrifice is Universal

Well, one thing is true for all, that all working parents make sacrifices. Though it seems too many that Stay-at-home parents are privileged, however, most of the time it's not true. Especially considering today's economy, it's pretty impossible to earn a good amount without an important sacrifice. This means, giving up on one's dream to own a house, time for having a nice hobby or fantasies of having a nice time for an expensive spa. Even if they save some amount at the end of the month, they worry about their spouse’s needs.

If in case they have a baby before entering the world of working people, they sacrifice their youth. Most stay at home parents sacrifice a lot, it's certainly is not good to act if they do nothing all the day. What these people do is worth respecting of.
This, on the other hand, doesn't mean working mom doesn't sacrifice anything. They sacrifice their time, to be with whom they love, to be able to have a nice day time with their kids. They might not be able to know what their kids love and what is currently happening in their child's life, which is a lot to miss out.

The Grass is Always Greener On The Other Side

Mom Just Add That
There'll be days when you'll miss having a job if you are staying at home parent. This includes interaction with different people, with great potential your praise.
If you are working mother, you'd miss spending those little precious moments with your kids and love of your life. It doesn't matter where you live or what you do, there'll be times when you'll doubt if your life is better or others. It’s the universal truth, there will be always someone having the benefits that you want.
So the only way to be happy is to stop making yourself look like a victim and instead enjoy your life. Live it and Laugh it off. Respect every parent; you all are more alike than you think.

No One Got The “Break Time”

Mom Just Add ThatLiam and his fight with the marshmallow cream while Mommy was taking a shower.[/caption]
It's not possible for any of us to have a break from who you are. If you are parents, you'll always be worried, whether for giving them the time or to satisfy their materialistic needs.
The struggle is real, for working parents to figure out how can they transition from work to their kids. The struggle for stay at home mom is to preserve through days or weeks that can make her feel like Groundhog Day, to break her everyday routine, to work for the same thing all week and every month.

The world always requires you to be perfect, and for once you might be thinking working mom is better or stay at home mother is better. In reality, both are very important and the person worth respecting of. Both struggles, both have rough days and both have some great moments. The thing that matters the most is to be together, to respect each other instead of shaming. To know you can change your career and stay in it, as you want. To you to be free and proud of who you are.


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