Staying Healthy With All The MARCH MADNESS…..????



Well, while many Americans are watching the Sweet 16 & Final 4 ballgames, let’s March into new habits. Remember 2 months ago when we made our New Year’s Resolutions? Are you still keeping up with your promises to yourself?

If you’re getting bored with current routine, let’s make some plans to March into new routine’s. Many of you live in warmer areas where you are already seeing flowers springing out of the ground. Maybe even a few trees starting to bud and show new life. How about a few birds singing in the sunshine? Now is a good time to get outside and take a walk. Enjoy the oncoming spring and fresh air. Put a happy stride in your step and take a few deep breaths. Swing those arms backward and forward, working arm and leg muscles. You don’t have to exhaust yourself, just move more than you’ve been moving.

Do you have kids or grandkids? Kick or toss a ball in the backyard or local park. Good kite weather!! I never had much luck with kite’s. Point is to have fun trying. Have fun with kids. Improve your circulation. Take some deep breaths. Pump those arms, move those legs. Weather not permitting you to go outside? Turn on some music. March in place. Swing your arms. Walk laps inside your house. March to a gym, if affordable, and use their equipment or walking trail.

Now, march to the grocery to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and dairy.
Work every day and don’t have time for elaborate food prep? Buy a roasted chicken. Pick up fruit and vegetables already cut and ready to serve. Make a grilled or roasted chicken salad, with fresh strawberries and mandarin orange slices, sprinkle healthy cheese over the top. Use a bottled dressing, just watch your serving size and calories. Tomorrow night have grilled or baked pork chops. Cut pork chops into strips and cover with mango salsa. Have a side of broccoli, green beans, carrots. Your options are limitless.

March past those tons of empty calories in cola’s, sugary juices and energy drinks. Turn your head away from the racks of candy and snack cakes and all those tempting junk foods the food industry make us crave. Shop the outer aisles of the grocery, where the produce, meats and dairy are found. Avoid those inner aisles, where you find the processed foods with all the chemical preservatives, salt and sugars.

Another smart idea is to have a prep day every week or two. Grill or bake all your meats and freeze in single portions. Cook your vegetables ahead and freeze in portion size packages. Have a variety of meats and vegetables ready to make a meal so you don’t get bored having the same meal every day or two. Then add some fresh or frozen fruits for dessert. Having frozen berries tonight? Take out of freezer and let them thaw in the fridge all day. Serve the berries in a dessert dish with a squirt or two of Redi-Whip.
Casseroles are a great way to have one dish meals cooked ahead and frozen in portion sizes. Just be aware of all the cream soups and high calorie additives in many recipes. The internet is full of old favorite recipes rewrote for healthier eating.

Make your own MARCH MADNESS. Get passionate about taking care of you and your family. The goals and habits you have now will set a lifetime of habits for your kids. Make them healthy for a lifetime not a brief time.

Enjoy the March Madness caused by basketball, but also enjoy your new routine to a healthier you. I’ll chat with you next time on “THROWING IT OUT THERE”, Kay Culver


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