How To Rock The New Year: 2018



Are you planning a NEW YOU for the NEW YEAR? This is the time of year we all reflect on the past year and tell ourselves we’re going to do better in the coming new year. We vow to lose weight, start new exercise regimen, save money, stick to a budget, abstain from soft drinks or high sugar foods, quit smoking, eat a balanced diet daily any number of things with which we decide to challenge ourselves.
My New Year challenge/suggestion for you is to start out slowly. Small little goals which are achievable. Instead of setting your goal to lose 50 pounds by April, set your goal for 5 pounds before February 14. You will have 6 weeks to lose 5 pounds gradually. Once you have achieved this goal reset your goal for another 5 pounds in 6 weeks. Losing 10% of your desired weight loss is an achievable goal. You will feel you have accomplished your goal, feel positive about yourself and be ready for the next 10% goal.

Goals And Rewards

Set your rewards to be simple. A new hairstyle or hair color will brighten your attitude, as well as your face. You will feel better about yourself and have a more positive outlook on life. The new attitude will enable you to look forward to your next small goal.

Want to quit smoking? Smoke one less cigarette each week. If you smoke 20 cigarettes daily now, start smoking 19 cigarettes daily next week.Then ease down to 18 cigarettes daily the third week. You get the idea. If you are physically addicted to the nicotine, this method will allow you to slowly wean yourself off the drug called nicotine. If you are emotionally addicted to cigarettes you may have to try another method.

Emotional attachments to cigarettes, food, drugs or alcohol are usually coping mechanisms for problems in our lives we feel we can’t handle. Cigarettes, food and alcohol are pacifiers for adults. When babies cry we plug a pacifier in their mouth. When we get older that is socially unacceptable behavior. We turn to other “comfort” measures, such as food and cigarettes. Try different methods of weaning yourself from your coping mechanism. Find a new coping mechanism. A lady told me once she walked to her mail box every time she felt the need for a cigarette. She said her neighbors probably thought she had lost her mind!! She successfully quit smoking. You might try chewing on a straw to keep your mouth and hands busy. Seek help from your Primary Care Provider, mental health clinic or a reputable professional if unsuccessful on your own.

Final Thoughts

New YearKeep your goals small. Celebrate your success with uncomplicated rewards. Reward such as new lipstick, nail polish, haircut, hair color, purse, a new book or a spa treatment. A reward that brings you delight. Yes, I said delight. Our society is big on “highs”. Whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, spending money, we come crashing back to reality when we “bottom out”. Keep the rewards simple so as not to break your budget induce guilt, keep you from paying your bills. Look for delight in the simple things in life.
I wish you great success in your NEW YEAR, NEW YOU endeavors. Enjoy life daily in the small moments of loving your children, family and friends. Reward their small successes with hugs, kisses and a rousing “great job, well done”. These moments are what make a life well lived and leave a legacy of love and care behind for generations to remember.



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