How I Made $100 In 4 Hours Using Lyft

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Looking for extra money? Try Lyft!

In today’s society, there’s more options out there for generating money due to the easy access of the internet.  As I find new ways, I will share my experiences with other parents out there.  I have searched, read books and done everything when it comes to trying to increase my income.

When you come from humble beginnings, there are a lot of options out there tantalizing but not true.  If there’s one thing about my blog, my goal is to create real ways to generate income, give real facts that will help you be better parents, and give you my personal experiences that I have done and work! If it didn’t work, I will gladly integrate it into my articles.

Let’s talk a little bit about Lyft. These apps tend to only make the news when something traumatic and illegal happens. The reality is, these apps are great, and it’s important to play safe with both of these apps. In this article, I will tell you the pros and cons of each while giving you safety tips along the way. So let’s get started!

An Accident That Turned Awesome!

One day, I received a message from a friend of mine I hadn’t really talked to since high school. We had been great friends in early high school, but one day, we had a falling out. The years have gone by, and when we’ve seen each other, it’s been awkward.

During this past summer in July 2017, I received a message from this friend. I found it odd since we’re not friends on Facebook, so I decided to read the message. It was a popular song that was played to death when we were in high school, and honestly, it made my day!

I had a choice. I could continue to be a jerk and make the situation more awkward by asking why he’d sent it to me. Or I could say, “Have a great day” and let it go. I opted to take an alternate route, and tell him exactly how I felt. I told him something about loving that song, and that I hadn’t heard it in years! I told him that I appreciated it, and to have a great day.

He responded that he had accidentally messaged it to about 400 people. He was just sending it to a couple of people, but somehow, he had messaged so many others unintentionally. He said he had even sent it to all of his ex girlfriends, and that it wasn’t going so well. It meant a lot to him that had been understanding and enjoyed the song as much as he did. The chat went so well, we still keep in touch all the time now! It’s amazing how an accident can turn into talking and reconnected as friends!
We talked more and more. One of our conversations developed into my friend discussing how he left the traditional 9-5 job with his brother. He and his younger brother started their own business together. It started out as Uber for him. Then it was Uber and Lyft. A few years later, they have their own transportation business driving Semi Trucks, RVs, Cars, etc. to different dealerships and venues across the country! Their business keeps them on the road, and they love it!

My husband had spoken about Lyft in the past. He had talked with friends about it and researched online the extra income potential. I thought it sounded risky. I mean, don’t people rob you and steal your car? Maybe you get lured into a dark alley and then you’re murdered. All of those things were swimming in my head, and the more we talked, the more worried I became.

I continued talking to my husband and my friend. I asked him tons of questions, and he was so calm and patient with me. My husband’s interest began to grow and grow. The more we talked, the more calm and confident I became about doing Lyft. My friend said something that spoke volumes to me. “I was born to do this!” I thought he was crazy before, but the more I talked to him, the more convinced I was about doing Lyft.

When I Got Out On The Road

I finally decided in late September 2017 to go out and try Lyft.  I won't lie.  Saying I was nervous and a bit scared is really an understatement.  After all, the media hypes it up to all of these problem situations, death or life altering scenarios.  And everyone of my friends and family members were terrified for me like I was about to drive off of a cliff.   Maybe I was going to have nothing but drug dealers and crazy, angry alcoholics all night long that were going to kill me!

But the reality was it wasn't like that at all.  My first drive ever was 3 friends from a wedding party.  The three were college friends, and two of them were a lovely married couple riding back to their hotel with their long, loved friend.  My passengers talked like they hadn't seen each other in ages, and they were so fun to hear.  I hardly said a word, and they chatted away.  The three of them were quite fun.  You could tell they had had a teeny bit to drink, but they were so friendly and awesome.  As the trip continued, my worries slipped away after that!

My first night, I made about $80.  And I thought, wow.  This is great.  My second night, I made $100 in a little over 4 hours!  I am working on average 5 hours a weekend and clearing at least $100-$120 a shift I work.  I am loving this, but if you think it's easy sitting and driving for that long, it's not.  Be sure to bring a snack and a bottle of water to keep you going between runs.

Why Drive For Lyft?

Many people hear the word, Lyft, and are not sure exactly what it is. Lyft is a rideshare app where people can use their cars to give people rides all over town. Rideshare is just a phrase saying you’ll give people a ride because you were going that way anyway. It sounds crazy, but it’s actually kinda fun!

Lyft keeps track of your earnings. It keeps track of the time you drove and how far you went. People can give you cash tips and digital tips for excellent work. And the pay isn’t too bad for just a few hours of work.

I work only about 4 ½ hours a week, and I make an extra $100 on average. Not bad if you’re in a pinch. If I could work morning rush and evening rush during the week, I would! But most of the time, I can’t because of work, and I have my kids in the afternoon after school.
So as I promised, I have a pro and con list of using Lyft.


  • Lyft is a great place to earn extra cash when you’re in a pinch for money!
  • It's easy to use. Just download the app, submit information like your driver’s license, car registration, license plate number, info on your car, and schedule a vehicle inspection. It takes about an hour or less to submit all your info. And the inspection was about 20 minutes at your local Lyft certified mechanic.
  • You have the an option to get paid the same day. There’s an option called Express Pay where you make at least $5, pay a $0.50 fee for cashing out early, and link it to a debit or prepaid card. That’s it! You get paid in an hour or less!
  • If you don’t cash out early, Lyft pays you every week! I don’t know if this is for every hub (local office), but ours pays every Tuesday. Nice when you need a little pick me up for the week.
    Lyft has a referral program with your special number. When you refer friends and family, you get an additional $2 per drive! It’s a sweet gig, so refer away!
    So far, all of my Lyft customers have been super nice! It’s a great way to meet really awesome people, even if it’s only for a few minutes.
  • If someone happens to have a physical ailment (like vomiting) in your car or damages your car, you can get reimbursed.  Don't believe me?  Read this.


  • It takes from a day to 2 weeks to get approved on your driving record. Personally, it was almost 2 weeks for me to get approved. I am not sure what took so long, but once I was approved, I was ready the same day to drive. Annoying, but I wonder if it had something to do with signing up on a Saturday. Hmmm…
  • Not everyone tips you. It’s okay that you don’t get tips, but when you’ve drove someone around for an hour and a half, it would be nice to get at least $1. The reality is, tips come and go, so I wouldn’t count it as your regular income right away.
  • If you are a talkative driver, some customers may be turned off by your demeanor, even if you’re just being friendly.
  • Not everyday is a great day to make money. You have to find what shifts work for your schedule and your pay.

The Takeaway

Like any job, Lyft has pros and cons, but in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot! If you’re like me, and you’re looking for an extra side income with a crazy schedule, let me suggest trying Lyft out for a while. Like any job, it’s important that you stay safe by using common sense. Never start a shift without letting someone know your work schedule. After a time or two, you’ll know if you want to work for an hour or if you want to work 12 hours (which is not easy!). Let someone you trust know that you’ll be working and ask if someone can check in on you every so often. Avoid calls, but a quick message can be easy. You drop off your ride, park, turn your app off for a few minutes, send a quick reply and thank them for helping you out, and continue your shift or end it. Your choice!

If you’re interested in starting work with Lyft, click here to read my article about the step by step process of getting started! If you want to learn on your own, click here to start earning today. Happy Lyfting!


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