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"This is an affiliate marketing post promoting all the amazing features for" is a fantastic social media tool unlike any other.  It brings together three of the most popular social media tools out there!  Ah, bask in the high paced communities of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Let's be honest.  These are the most informative time wasters on the planet!  You have so much to engage in your community finding activities and life hacks galore.  But there has to be an easier way to engage with all these social media outlets at once, right?  I realize that not every article that I write is an advertisement or an affiliate of some sort.  But this article is a must read to revolutionize your social media experience.

Many of you know, my blog has been one conglomerate of craziness where I have been trying to find my niche.  Now I have decided to be a mom blog that is ready to help other mom blogs start their dream blogs!  I have an inner drive to help other people and I really want to make a real difference with my blog.  It has been a challenge trying to connect with different people, and I have found some amazing bloggers out there!  By joining tribes and finding like minded groups, I have harnessed the true power of social media.  After almost 18 months of flopping around the internet, researching and trying to find my way around the cyber universe, I have finally created a blog that I can be proud of!
But I'll be honest.  It hasn't been easy.  After several trials and errors, nothing even comes close to the power of social media.  And I have found many programs out there that are great for expanding your social media outreach.  But I have found the holy grail of them all!  And this affiliate post is going to show you how awesome really is!


Facebook and Twitter are by far my most used social media outlets.  I love the personalized feel of Facebook where you can get one on one with your followers and their everyday lives.  I love getting messages in my inbox from readers telling me about their lives and everyday experiences.

Twitter is so much fun because you have quick interactions for a fun pun, joke or just a quick hello.  You can have as much fun making connections with real people and bloggers out there just like you.
Just Add That Commun.itI am still pretty new on the Instagram scene.   Instagram is one of those social media outlets that I really don't get.  It's fun playing with filters, and I absolutely love how I can share my pictures with everyone else as well as see all my friends and family's pictures.  The idea of connecting and linking my site and gaining traffic just doesn't quite click with my brain and mindset now.



You're probably thinking, "Rocky, this is just another affiliate post like millions of others out there on the internet.  What gives?!"  Seriously, I was given a trial period to use for 3 months just to see if it was worth the cost or not.  In exchange, I was to write this post and tell what I thought about it.  Honestly, I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this privilege from the team for allowing me to try this out! You guys rock!

So is a program where it simplifies Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram interactions and puts it in on convenient location.  Honestly, it makes Twitter seem less like a mess and more organized.  You have retweet options, thank yous, follow and unfollow options as well as who is influencing your Twitter and who you need to unfollow.  It makes life so much easier.  It turns an hour on Twitter to 10 minutes easy! has decided to expand from just Twitter and venture into the world of Facebook and Instagram.  It was quite simple linking my social media profiles to  I have had the privilege of trying out these new options, and I have been doing so for about 3 weeks now to give you a better understanding of how this amazing program works with the new platforms.  While there are some bugs still being worked out, I can't help but speak positively about each of the features.



The Facebook features help navigate your profiles so much easier than having multiple tabs.  It's quite simple to link your page and you are connected to your inbox on your Facebook page as well as comments and unreplied mentions.  It tells you who is engaged on your page and helps you thank your followers on a more personal scale.  Finally, you don't have to flip flop through your Facebook page tabs to find who is engaged in what.  You have your stats there with you along with your analytics in one spot.

Your feed is prioritized so you can properly thank your fans or like their comments.  It tells you the time frame since the interaction was made so you know how long someone has been waiting for your reply and interaction.  Honestly, it saves so much time thumbing though and wasting time on Facebook.

Just Add That I love the share pages top posts options where your top posts can be easier to share and not get lost in the Facebook feed.  You click your post, share it without being too spammy and promote your page at a faster pace without those silly Facebook ads.  This is definitely worth the investment over buying those annoying ads where you might get a like or two if you are lucky and minimal engagement.



Instagram is a fantastic platform to engage with people on a more personal level.  Sharing photos and reaching out to others allows you the opportunity to promote your site. has really made those features pop on their Instagram platform.  There are options on who to follow to engage more leads to your Instagram.  Then there are options on who to unfollow.  That way you can maximize your reach to your audience.

It is so easy to like top posts and images quickly rather than skimming your Instagram feed.  Also, it's easy to reply to your messages when followers interact with you.  The only down side is that there isn't an analytics option on the Instagram feature at this point in time. is devoted to keeping their product up to date and is trying their best to meet their users needs.  So I believe it's only a matter of time that these options are available to users.


Twitter is by far my favorite of the usage of!  It's the furthest developed, and it turns Twitter from a jungle to an organized person's dream.  Like the Instagram features, it tells you who is engaged, who is an influencer, who to follow and unfollow.  It has the easiest way to navigate your inbox as well as thank your followers.  I hope that the option of thanking followers is added to the Instagram options.  A quick message to the engaged users as well as the influencers would be a fantastic option.

I love the analytics options.  I know exactly how I am reaching my Twitter following and what the top recurring posts are so I can target new followers.  It even tells me top hashtags so I can link myself into conversations to reach more followers.  I hope these features are added at some point in time to the Facebook option.

Final Thoughts

I cannot tell you how exciting it has been to try these programs!  As a content marketer, I didn't appreciate at first.  I was confused on why follow some and not others.  Why follow someone with less followers and unfollow someone with the bigger audience?  After trying out the program and its full features, I understand it's the quality audience you are trying to reach to engage your content and your site.  It's not about size but about what matters.  And really features that ability.

I want to thank the team for allowing me the privilege of using their amazing social media program!    Let's face it: your social media experience may be good, but takes it to the next level.  And when your blog explodes, you're going to need a great social media outreach tool.  Blogging is busy work, and definitely fits the bill as a time saver.  This is just the start of expanding our social media outreach.  Let's grow our audience and join now!
This is a limited time offer, and I don't want you to miss out on the exclusive savings that is offering just for you.  And because of my good friends at, they're offering a special discount for being my reader.  Get your exclusive savings by clicking here!


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